Taylor & Francis

One of the ones which are lucky enough to receive a place on a course, the chances are that at some point you may come into contact with a book which has been published by Taylor & Francis. Taylor & Francis are a book and academic journal publishing company which first established itself in the United Kingdom. The story of the publishing group begins way back in 1852. A Mr William Francis joined forces with a Mr Richard Taylor, who had originally started his own publishing business in 1798. The company now publishes over 1800 books and 1000 journals every year.

Academic Study

Students at universities rely on receiving quality information. Journals and academic books are essential components in the art of education, and it would be nigh on impossible to write any essays or dissertations without them. Of course, a person does not need to be a student at a University to enjoy learning. Many academic journals can be accessed online. Some titles are free whereas others require a subscription fee. One thing is for certain Taylor and Francis is guaranteed to publish works of only the very highest qualities.

Worldwide Offices

From small beginnings can grow great things. Taylor and Francis now have offices in at least nine different major cities around the world. These cities include London, New York, Singapore and Sydney. Since June 2011, all of Taylor and Francis’ journals and ebooks have been delivered to readers online through their website.

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