The Name of the Rose

Ever since it was first published in 1980 in Italian, and then in English translation in 1983, ‘The Name of the Rose’ propelled its author Umberto Eco to lasting literary fame. A thrilling and erudite mix of philosophical intrigue and murder mystery ‘The Name of the Rose’ has excited, stunned, puzzled, and educated its readers for several decades.

Discover The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco!

‘The Name of the Rose’ is set in a monastery in the late fourteenth century. Someone has been killing the monks in the monastery in various grisly ways. It is up to one-time Inquisitioner and medieval freelance detective William to find out who and put a stop to the murders. Much of the novel focuses on the compelling character of William and his relationship to the narrator, the young monk Adso. Intelligent, witty, and often very mysterious, William is a deftly drawn and truly believable hero.

The Name of the Rose is an amazing work of literary fiction

One of the wonderful things about ‘The Name of the Rose’ is that it can be read as a straightforward murder mystery or as an academic puzzle, or as both at the same time. William and Adso must solve a number of clues in order to find out the identity of the murderer, and their search takes them through works of forgotten philosophy, and cunning puns and word games. Can you work out the answer before they do? Can you guess who the murderer is and why they have been committing their crimes?

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